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  • ​Campola Law focuses 100% of their practice on criminal law.  When your freedom is at stake, you want an attorney who specializes in criminal defense.  


  • Since 2005, Louis Campola has practiced criminal law exclusively.  He knows the law and has the practical experience to back it up.  Criminal law is what he does best, and he will bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge to your case.


  • Having an attorney with prosecution experience on your side levels the playing field. While other attorneys often have to guess at what the prosecutor's next move will be, Louis can often anticipate the tactics that will be used against you.  He knows where to look for mistakes on the part of police and the prosecutor, and he knows where to look for weaknesses in the evidence, which can be used to your advantage.



  • Common sense will tell you that hiring a former prosecutor with years of experience prosecuting the same charge you are now facing is advantageous. Louis has handled major felonies such as gang cases, complex fraud cases, juvenile felony crimes, sex crimes, kidnapping, and serious violent crimes such as capital murder and rape. You can rest assured that Louis is familiar with prosecuting the crime that you have been charged with. 


  • For 15 years, Louis attended the same courses that the prosecutors who are prosecuting your case attended. He knows exactly what they are looking for in a case, and more importantly, how they go about gathering evidence.


  • During his 15 years as a prosecutor, Louis was involved in training assistant prosecutors and law enforcement in criminal law.  It's possible the police and prosecutor involved in your case maybe the very ones that Louis has trained.


  • Whether it is a DUI or capital murder, criminal charges always involve an element of risk.  To gloss over that fact would be a grave disservice to our clients. Before we agree to representation, we make sure our clients understand all the benefits and risks involved in our proposed course of action. 

  • With Campola Law, you can rely on an experienced attorney to provide an objective perspective of your situation. Our goal is to give you the information necessary to make an informed decision for yourself.


  • There are attorneys who will sugar coat your situation and promise you guaranteed outcomes. In reality, they want your business and are making false promises, which is a huge disservice to you. At Campola Law, we never want you to be surprised in court.  We will tell you possible outcomes of your case, what our strategy will be in handling your case, and provide a 'reality check' so you know what course of action is best for you. 

If you have a legal issue and would like to speak to an experienced defense attorney, get in touch with Campola Law to schedule a free consultation.



At Campola Law, PLC, I place great value on sharing pertinent information with my clients and keeping them updated on a wide array of legal matters. From past cases to judicial news, check out all of my current and archived resources and get in touch for all the latest info from the legal world.

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